It’s just gardening. And chatting. (Mostly.)

Laying orange B4RN ducting under the viaduct. Photo by Sue Best

If you want B4RN, you’re going to need to pitch in if you can! First, please make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter and made contact with your local neighbourhood champion. He or she will tell you how you can help.

The [hyperfastingleton] mailing list

As well as the weekly newsletter email, which we send to everyone who has registered an interest in B4RN for Ingleton, we have a special Google Group for volunteers (otherwise known as a ‘mailing list’).

When you are signed up to this Google Group you will receive all our communications by email telling you where we are digging, requests for help, etc.

Neighbourhood champions use this group to communicate with all the Ingleton volunteers by email. You will know you are a member when you receive emails with [hyperfastingleton] in the subject.

If you want to help, make sure you are signed up to this mailing list! Ask your neighbourhood champion to sign you up.

See you at the next dig!