Since our first public meeting at Ingleborough Community Centre in February 2016, a Herculean community effort has been undertaken by local volunteers.

The core Ingleton project routes

The Green Route (Thornton-in-Lonsdale) has been completed. As of January 2017, over 20 properties in Thornton are live on B4RN with more to follow. A remarkable effort from the Thornton team.

The Red Route (Chapel-le-Dale) is well under constuction, and houses all up the Dale are looking forward to shortly going from near zero speeds to having the best Internet service in the world.

The Pink Route (Ingleton Route 1) is fully planned and digging commenced February 2017 at Parkfoot caravan site. This is the crucial route which will feed the majority of the village centre and the West of Ingleton. The Blue and Yellow Routes are in the late planning stages.

Green cabinets

We have not one, but two, green cabinets! IGHE-1, as it is affectionately known, is at Ingleborough Communiy Centre (being delivered here by tractor, of course) and IGHE-2 is at Mealbank Scout Hut. That’s one on each side of the rivers!

A significant victory for Ingleton has been securing the Ingleton viaduct as the route by which we can join up the two cabinets and unite the two sides of the rivers.

Village centre

The village centre represents about 1000 houses and has been split into “zones”.

The Ingleton village centre "Zones"

Each zone has a friendly neighourhood Zone Champion in charge.

Zone 13 was the first village centre zone to break ground, and we are in the late planning stages for Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4.

We hope to “go live” at the Community Centre by the end of April 2017. Then it is the simple matter of digging the ducting around the village and into your house!

What next?

Make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter and got in touch with your local neighbourhood champion. Then please volunteer to help with digging (or just tea and cake-making!) and think about investing if you can.