Investing in B4RN for the Ingleton area

People have lots of questions about investing in B4RN. This isn’t a charitable cause, and we do not need donations, but we do need investment from people and businesses. This is a community project and will happen if the community gets behind it.

B4RN will use investor’s addresses to gauge the interest in a route. We can’t dig a route until we’ve got investment from enough properties along it!

There are three essential questions for anyone thinking about investing:

  • Do I want to help bring hyperfast broadband to my home (or business)?
  • Do I want to do something valuable for Ingleton?
  • Can I tie up some money for at least three years in an investment?

If the answers are YES, the most popular way to invest is to buy shares. For example:

  • Beatrice buys £1,500 of B4RN shares. When her property is connected, she gets her £150 connection for free. Since she is employed and earns over £15k annually, she claims back £405 from HMRC as one-off EIS tax-relief via her self-assessment tax return or adjusted tax code. From year 4 onwards, she receives 5% interest on her investment as a payment of £75 / year, for as long as she holds the shares (this is subject to board approval and available funds).

A printable version of our investment document is available on our Google Drive. Please note: The 5% interest rate for loans (as opposed to shares) has been recently reduced. We need to update the loan examples.