Investing in B4RN for the Ingleton area

People have lots of questions about investing in B4RN. This isn’t a charitable cause, and we do not need donations, but we do need investment from people and businesses. This is a community project and will happen if the community gets behind it.

B4RN will use investor’s addresses to gauge the interest in a route. We can’t dig a route until we’ve got investment from enough properties along it!

There are three essential questions for anyone thinking about investing:

  • Do I want to help bring hyperfast broadband to my home (or business)?
  • Do I want to do something valuable for Ingleton?
  • Can I tie up some money for at least three years in an investment?

If the answers are YES, the most popular way to invest is to buy shares. For example:

  • Beatrice buys £1,500 of B4RN shares. When her property is connected, she gets her £150 connection for free. Since she is employed and earns over £15k annually, she claims back £405 from HMRC as one-off EIS tax-relief via her self-assessment tax return or adjusted tax code. From year 4 onwards, she receives 5% interest on her investment as a payment of £75 / year, for as long as she holds the shares (this is subject to board approval and available funds).

Full details about investing in B4RN are available on the B4RN website investment pages.