Your rusty old telephone line was never designed to carry the Internet. This is why most Internet connections in the UK are slow, unreliable and expensive.

Hyperfast Ingleton is a local group of volunteers who are bringing the amazing B4RN rural broadband network to the village of Ingleton and the surrounding area.

B4RN offers real optical fibre all the way into your property. It is completely different to the so-called “fibre broadband” we’ve been offered by monopoly telecom providers and the government for years.

For £30 per month you get an ultra-reliable, 1000Mb symmetric fibre connection. This is perhaps 100x better than you’re getting now, even if your house is near a green cabinet. It’s also a generation ahead of what you might get in a city like London - and it works regardless of where your house is!

For homes, you can

  • ditch your landline contract (if you like)
  • ditch your broadband contract
  • ditch your cable or satellite TV contract (if you like) and use internet TV services

For businesses and homeworkers

  • ultra-reliable symmetric fibre hugely benefits existing businesses and enables new businesses to locate in and around Ingleton

For everyone

  • we think that B4RN could be a transformative infrastructure that can benefit the whole Ingleton community, now and for the next century

This is why we’re so excited about it. We want our children and young people to be able to stay and live here if they choose to. B4RN is already making local high-tech jobs a reality.

Property buyers are specifically seeking the service and people have already moved their homes and businesses to where they can get a B4RN connection. Rightmove now features B4RN connection information!

How is this possible?

Broadband for the Rural North Ltd (B4RN) is a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society.

It was launched in December 2011 by a local volunteer group led by industry expert Barry Forde. Registered with the FSA (under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965) it can never be bought by a commercial operator and its profits can only be distributed to the community.

The first soil was cut in 2012 around Arkholme and Quernmoor, and the network has since expanded rapidly in all directions. As of January 2017, B4RN has

  • over 2,300 connected customers
  • over 1000km of core network in Lancashire, N. Yorks and Cumbria
  • 14 staff and hundreds of volunteers
  • been trusted with £4.8 million of share investment and loans from local communities

In 2015 Barry Forde and Chris Conder, whom some of you may know, were included on the Queen’s Honours list and awarded MBEs in recognition of this unique achievement.

B4RN is now a leading independent Internet Service Provider, and the B4RN model is being copied in other parts of the UK and even around the world!

B4RN coverage area

B4RN coverage area, actual and planned, January 2017

Dig-It-Yourself broadband?

Many people have now heard about B4RN from friends in neighbouring areas. So you may already know that we have to dig it ourselves. This is easier than it sounds! Dozens of nearby communities have already done it, and we are doing it right now in Ingleton!

To bring B4RN to your property, we need:

  • people to get involved and volunteer. Talking to neighbours, digging the plastic ducting into the ground, or making tea and cake!
  • people and businesses to invest in B4RN, potentially earning 5% interest, free connection and 30% tax-back from HMRC
  • landowners to sign wayleaves to let us put the fibre in the ground

Not convinced? Read about our progress so far!

Technical note. Strictly, copper does not rust. The Internet was cleverly designed to work on any physical network, which is why it may work, albeit slowly and unreliably, on your old copper telephone line. Worse still, due to a large increase in the cost of copper in the 1970s, some telephone lines in Ingleton are made of aluminium, which gives even worse performance than copper!