Conservation Policy

As we install the B4RN network in the village, you may notice some small changes around the village.

We are sure that this project will be overwhelmingly good for Ingleton. However, installing any kind of service (be it electricity, telecom, gas, etc.) is bound to:

  • cause some temporary disruption
  • leave some permanent (but small) fixings in place.

The vast majority of the impact of installing B4RN will be temporary.

  • With rain, some areas of trenching may get muddy, but we will take every precaution to leave the area tidy and safe. Grass will regrow, and the vast majority of the network will be completely hidden underground.

  • We will limit the number of road crossings we perform to the essential, and ensure reinstatement to professional standards. All road crossings are managed and supervised by B4RN staff in accordance with the terms of their ‘Section 50’ licence under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

In the normal course of our work, some fixings will be permanent and visible.

  • We need to install a small number of chambers in the ground, which you will see as new manhole covers.
  • A small entry box will be visible on the sides of buildings where B4RN enters the property.
  • Sometimes it will not be possible to bury ducting, and we will have to fix black ducting to walls and under eaves.

Conservation Zone

We recognise that much of Ingleton village is within a Conservation Zone. This is

an area of special architectural interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.

The natural and built environment of Ingleton is not only highly valued by the people who live here, it is vital to the key industry of tourism.

So we understand the importance of not causing harm to the special character of Ingleton.

It is our policy to take great care at all times, paying special attention to the appearance of any visible fixtures, and ensure a professional level of finish we can be proud of as a community.

If at all possible, ducting will be buried so that there is no impact on the appearance of the village. Any visible fixture will be installed with a high level of professionalism in a way which will not significantly detract from the appearance of the built or natural environment.

For volunteers

For volunteers making decisions on the ground and doing home installations:

  • Think about how it looks. Aesthetics are essential to Ingleton’s economy.
  • Is it as good (or better) than a professional installation?
  • Could this chamber / duct be put somewhere less noticeable?
  • Don’t cause harm - don’t make things worse!