Bank Hall Close goes live

Back in July the residents of Bank Hall Close prepared their properties before the main trunk routes were installed around the Sports Field. This meant that as soon as their chamber was ready to accept fibre optic cable, they would be able to have the first live B4RN connections to houses in the centre of the village.

The left-hand photograph shows the outside of the house fitting kit. It’s very easy to install and many residents do this themselves, but if you are getting somebody to fit it for you, you will need to decide where you want the fibre optic cable to enter your house. You might also need permission from a neighbour for your duct to cross their property to reach yours. This is the reason why residents need to be talking to one another now about how best to connect their properties.

The right-hand photograph shows the inside view, with the B4RN hub connected to the house fitting kit backplate. Thanks to Nick Browne for posting this picture of his new hub.

And now for the speed test!

You may have already seen this on our facebook page. Thanks to Mick Kenyon for posting his speedtest while he still had his BT connection. The download speed from his new B4RN connection is comfortably more than ten times the speed that he was getting, but the difference is even greater with his upload speed. However, these are just the figures he obtained with WiFi!

Once Mick had connected his iMac to his hub with a cat7 ethernet cable, this was the result his £30 per month B4RN service is able to provide. For a professional photographer, who also develops websites for a living, these upload speeds are very handy. Obviously, Mick is now very pleased with his new B4RN connection!