Do you want B4RN like Bank Hall Close?

On Thursday, the six households in Bank Hall Close (next to Curlew Crafts and the Community Centre) dug themselves to a B4RN connection.

Training at Melling

If you too want to get the world’s best internet connection, it’s up to you.

We are going to prioritise the areas where we have trained volunteers.

B4RN are holding a training session especially for Ingleton on Wednesday 26th, 7pm-9pm at B4RN HQ in Melling. Message our Facebook for car-sharing, say you’re interested, pass this message on to your neighbours!

Network plan

We’ve finally got there: B4RN have given us our official Ingleton route plan and spreadsheet. This has been a long time in the making; it’s essentially official go-ahead from B4RN for the network plan that we (in particular our lead champion, John Rogers) have been working on for so long. Thanks to Dave Ryall at B4RN for sorting out the 1,200 Ingleton addresses!

More about the Bank Hall Close dig

The dig was coordinated by Jenny & Lee Cartledge. They hosted us and Jenny provided tea, coffee, iced water (with lemon slices!), biscuits etc then treated us to home made lentil soup and artisan bread from Season’s Bakery at lunchtime. We were very well looked after!

Orange ducts are in the ground to all but one house, and training on fitting home kits done, with more to come. Fitting of kits to be done shortly. B4RN will then blow their fibres, and they will go live.

Volunteers: Phil Papard, Jenny Wood, Lee Cartledge, Nigel Thompson, John Rogers, Mick Kenyon and Paul (unsure of surname, and apologies if I’ve missed anyone out!)

It was a remarkable example of what can be achieved by a determined group.

Martyn Sutton & Pete Montgomery
Hyperfast Ingleton volunteers